Yarchei Kallah 2023

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Yarchei Kallah Application

YK 2023

*Yarchei Kallah is a highly subsized program with limiited spots. Every application will be carefully reviewed. Application to the program does not guarantee acceptance.*


NCSY Conduct, Policy & Behavioral Standards

NCSY is a drug-free, weapon-free, alcohol-free environment. None of these items are permitted at our events and if any of these are found on any participant it is grounds for immediate expulsion from our programs at the parents’ expense. In addition, please make it crystal clear to your teens that leaving the program premises without permission is also grounds for expulsion. We have several rules with teen safety in mind. Please review them with your teen. Bringing illegal weapons (such as guns, switchblades, sharpened box cutters etc..) to an event will result in confiscation of the weapons, expulsion from the event at the earliest practical time, and may also be referred to the appropriate law enforcement authorities. 

No teen may attend the Yarchei Kallah without a waiver filled out and signed by a legal guardian.