Gap Year Programs

At NCSY we’ve found the best way to grow as a person, grow in connection to the Jewish People, and grow a love for the land of Israel is to spend at least a year in a post-High School intensive study program in Israel. There are tons of fantastic programs to choose from, and choosing to spend a Gap Year in Israel doesn’t even have to mean being a year behind in University!

This list is just a sample of different program options – there are more than we could ever list, but we encourage you to start with these programs because we have strong relationships with all of them and can help you consider which program is best suited for your needs. Yeshiva University has a much more extensive list of Israel programs for those who are interested. Please contact us and let us help you!

There are many resources available to make a year in Israel a reality for everyone. Please be in contact with us about scholarship opportunities.

Co-ed programs:

Israel Experience at Bar Ilan University  – IsraelXP focuses on public school and day school students with some Jewish background, combining Jewish subjects with a first-year program atBarIlanUniversity


Boys’ programs:

Chai Israel– Perfect for students looking to deepen their commitment to Judaism in a more diverse experience than full-time yeshiva. ChaiIsrael features classes, volunteering and touring in a fun atmosphere.

Yeshivat Reishit – NCSY Program – A program combining part-time yeshiva study with internship, with the resources and environment of being part of a leading yeshiva, Reishit Yerushalayim.

Yeshivat Lev HaTorah – For students ready to commit to full-time yeshiva, Lev HaTorah offers a warm and relaxed setting.


Girls’ programs:

Machon Maayan – Machon Maayan features part-time study, internships and trips for girls, primarily for growth-oriented girls from limited Jewish backgrounds.

Michlelet Esther – The Michlelet Esther program is a seminary designed for girls from varying backgrounds and levels of commitment. Part of the Neve Yerushalayim Women’s College campus, students can take advantage of Neve’s many programs.

Please note:  This list focuses on programs appropriate for students with limited background. For information about more traditional and academically intensive yeshiva and seminary programs, please contact us!