Dallas to Puerto Rico Relief Mission

Event Description

Travel to Puerto Rico where you will help rebuild a school that was destroyed during Hurricane Maria, help farmers rebuild their destroyed farms and get them back on their feet and work with SBP rebuilding homes. With additional trips to the world famous El Yunque rain forest and enjoying a ride on the Bioluminescent bay, this trip to Puerto Rico will be a trip to remember. Who knew giving back to those in need could be so fun!

Our work in Puerto Rico, in partnership with PR4PR, will focus on the aftermath of Hurricane Maria which devastated the island and left many families living in temporary tents. We will be working in poverty-stricken areas, the teens will spend hours scraping tar off of the roofs and delivering wood frames to build houses. We will have the opportunity to make meaningful connections with the native Puerto Ricans, and gather first hand accounts of what it means to survive and live in such poverty.

The students will spend Shabbat at the local Chabad house, bringing a renewed energy and enthusiasm, and proudly proclaiming am yisroel chai – The Jewish nation will live on.

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