CHANUKAH CONCERT Sponsorship Opportunities

This Chanukah, you have the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of 1000's of Denver Jews. The Denver NCSY and Aish of the Rockies' 2nd annual concert is almost here, but with a new twist. We have 20 organizations (and counting!)already signed up to help us set the world's biggest dreidel record with Lego. Students from all over the city will be doing this while learning about their heritage through the dreidel. We have also built a follow-up system to allow our students and their families to get involved in more Jewish experience opportunities. After the concert, we will deconstruct the dreidel and donate over 20,000 pieces of Lego to children in need in Israel and at local orphanages, furthering the goodness that is being spread through our Chanuka experience. We invite you to partner with us in this incredible opportunity and to take part in inspiring our Jewish Future!